Moving to Brentwood Tennessee

All About Brentwood

Brentwood, Tennessee is a suburb of Nashville that some say is one of the best places to live in the area. It has a calm suburban vibe, but also offers easy access to Nashville’s big city life. Brentwood has 50 public schools, including private schools, and is home to the headquarters of many major companies. It also has many parks, trails, and green spaces, and is close to popular areas like downtown Nashville and Franklin.

Here are some reasons why people like living in Brentwood:

  1. Schools

Brentwood has 50 schools, including private schools, and some say Brentwood Academy has a long list of robotics program accomplishments.

  1. Outdoor activities

Brentwood has over a dozen parks and beautiful outdoor spaces.

  1. Community

Brentwood has a tight-knit community feel, with plenty of community events, local clubs, and organizations.

  1. Easy Nashville commutes

Brentwood is located off I-65, providing easy drive times to Downtown Nashville.

  1. Safe and peaceful

Some say Brentwood is considered safe and peaceful.