Brentwood is a city located in Williamson County, Tennessee, United States. It is a suburb of Nashville and is known for its affluent neighborhoods, excellent schools, and high quality of life. 

Brentwood offers a mix of residential areas, commercial districts, and recreational amenities. It’s home to several parks, golf courses, and shopping centers, providing residents with plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities and entertainment. The city has a strong sense of community and is considered a desirable place to live for families and professionals alike.

Living in Brentwood Tennessee

TOP 5 HIKING TRAILS IN Brentwood Tennessee


TOP 5 SHOPPING CENTERS IN Brentwood Tennessee

3205B Granny White Pike, Nashville, Tennessee
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4000 Harding Pl, Nashville, Tennessee
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1407 Harding Pl, Nashville, Tennessee
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3998 Harding Pl, Nashville, Tennessee
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3415A Benham Ave, Nashville, Tennessee
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8529 Beautiful Valley Dr, Nashville, Tennessee
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